Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks- Are they a buy?

Liquid lipstick is one of those really cool hybrids–its as if a lip gloss mated with a lipstick to bring you the best little lip baby that doesn't have any of the gooey stick of a gloss and more hydration than a traditional lipstick. Not to mention, they come in so many different formulas. There are matte liquid lipsticks, creamy liquid lipsticks, glittery liquid lipsticks, and liquid lipsticks that can make your lips nice and plump.

I was skeptical when buying these liquid lipsticks because I was worried it would remind me too much of a gloss, but I was pleasantly surprised to see it go on matte and no sticky residue, just like a normal lipstick! 

If you like to blend your lipsticks, contour your lips, and overall use multiple different lipsticks for one fabulous unique look, the everlasting liquid lipsticks are FOR YOU! 
A little goes a LONG way, I would never use the actual applicator to apply this onto my lips because it's overload of product - I highly recommend using with a lipstick brush and blending out. You have a long time of being able to move the product around as well, it's not a typical stain where as soon as you apply it it locks down and won't budge, you can take your time perfecting your style and blending this around which I think is amazing. Once the look has set for awhile, it's not going ANYWHERE unless you purposely take it off. It lasts through eating, drinking, kissing, everything. 
This particular color (Lolita) is beautiful - it's a burnt red with a very noticeable dark brown hue. Beautiful for a darker vampy lip. Some skin tones may have a harder time pulling off the color but I would say go for it anyways! If you yourself love it, you're pulling it off.
Overall, buy more than one shade of these because they are formulated with the intent of blending them with other colors for a truly unique.

Needless to say, they are a buy!  Here is the link:



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