Unicorn Essence??? Do I need to look like a unicorn?

Let me start by saying my fascination with this product has been an on-going one. Farsáli's Instagram fame caught my eyes a while back after witnessing makeup guru after makeup guru apply what was originally called Unicorn Tears all over their faces and look flawless. Although the pink, shimmery product has since taken on the less visual but albeit still intriguing name Unicorn Essence, I knew this was something I had to give a shot. 
Product: Farsáli Unicorn Essence, $54 at Sephora
What it is: This serum is touted as a multi-function product: it acts as a skin treatment system that's full of antioxidants to help block free radicals but it also serves as a primer for makeup application. As an anti-ager, Unicorn Essence actually contains a number of high power antioxidants like açaí berry, goji berry, elderberry, and blueberry to fight free radical and damage from the elements (sun, pollution, everyday life aggressors). In addition, it also contains vitamin C, which is a must for delivering a natural brightness to skin, thus making it ideal for evening out skin tone and illuminating skin as a primer. Also, it's pink and pretty.
My take: I will not hide that I was drawn to this product based on social media buzz and a photogenic pink formula. But after actually putting it to good use, I learned why it's hit. However, it took me some time! On my first use, I didn't quite get the fuss. Sure, it was silky and smelled like an açai bowl, but it was so light and sunk in so quickly, I thought for sure I used it wrong. (Why didn't I look like a blogger yet?) Although the formula is delicious and my skin ate it right up, you really don't see the real results without partnering it with other makeup. 
After experimenting around, I finally realized the magic of Unicorn Essence and I was hooked. Here's how I use it: I pat the pink serum into my skin post cleansing in the morning and before applying any moisturizer or makeup.  And the finish has an oh-so subtle illumination to them. (Am I a unicorn?) 
Bottom line: Although I am impressed with the texture and evenness of my makeup, which I chock up to Farsáli, I really love how my makeup looks a solid seven hours after use. Everything remains smooth and even, and yep, still glowy. Yes, it is pricey, but the amount I use is so little that I'm convinced this bottle will last me a while. Ultimately, I'm left to believe this might be one time that what you see on Instagram is actually reality.  Let me know what you think of Farsali Unicorn Essence.  For me it is a BUY!


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