Cover FX Enhancer Drops- Why you need this now!

I was that person that saw Cover FX Enhancer Drops all over You Tube and Instagram and thought why would I need this???  How good could it be? Then one day I was on the Sephora website and saw all the amazing reviews on it.  Add my amazing review to the list!!!  They sell 9 different colors of Enhancer Drops to meet your specific needs.  I chose the color "Sunlight" and I can't wait to try more.  This product is a BUY!

Here is what I like about the product;
-Added to your current foundation and you will have an amazing sheen to the skin.  Not a fake ultra highlighted look, just the right amount of reflection that makes your skin look younger and hydrated.
-If you spray tanned and your foundation is a little too light, add the Enhancer Drops to darken your tone as needed.
-Can be worn on its own to add just a little color to your skin, when you don't want an overdone look.

To buy from Sephora click here;


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