Magnetic Lashes Review- Are they a buy?

You have probably seen the new Magnetic Lashes by One Two Cosmetics.  Here is the link in case you missed it. 

First I will tell you the Pros;
-They are very light weight, you hardly know they are on
-Once they are on they stay put until you want them off
-The actual lashes are very natural and blend well with real lashes, as long as you wear mascara
-They come in a nice case you can use to store your lashes
-No glue, period.  Yay!

Here are the Cons;
-They only go on the outer half of your lash, so if you're like me and have pretty short lashes...these half lashes make it very obvious that they are fake. If you have long lashes, then the difference isn't as obvious.
-The magnetic attachment is straight. This means they don't curve with the natural curve of your eyes.  This makes it a little harder to apply correctly and doesn't look natural.
-The price is high, but you could get a very high amount of uses out of them, unlike normal false lashes.

The final verdict?  I say they are not a buy.  If they make 2 changes, curved and the full width of the eye I would call them a buy, until then, save your money and buy Velour Lashes.  *My review on Velour Lashes is coming soon!

Here are some pics from the One Two Cosmetics site for a closer look.  If you try them out and let me know what you think!


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