Lotion Wipes!

elf lotion wipes review

ELF’s new $3 Milk & Honey Lotion Wipes. 
They’re like makeup remover wipes, except instead of containing makeup remover, they’re soaked with a lightweight liquid moisturizer.
They come 16 wipes to a pack, each of them infused with helpful hydrating ingredients like aloe, cocoa butter, vitamin E, soy, gingko biloba, coconut milk and sweet almond oil.

Perfect for when you don’t want to lug a bottle of lotion around, or when you’re traveling and want to save space in your carry-on bag.
Doh! Now why didn’t I think of these? What a great idea.
There also come in six different scents — Vanilla & Coconut, Milk & Honey, Cucumber & Melon, Peony Petal, Shea Butter and Sweet Mango.
I’ve started using the Milk & Honey wipes, which smell divine, after my shower at night. With one of them, it takes me about 30 seconds to moisturize my arms, legs and torso; when I’m done, my skin looks and feels baby soft.
No thick or greasy residue, either.

PRICE: $3 for a pack of 16 wipes
AVAILABILITY: Available now at drugstores and also online


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