DIY Ribbon Hair Ties

I'm sure you have seen these hair ties EVERYWHERE! I'm sure you've also seen their OUTRAGEOUS price tag. Usually a pack of 4 is more than $10! I've seen them places as expensive as $4 for ONE!?!

It's a glorified hair elastic. Yes, it's pretty and colorful, but eventually will get stretched out or lost just like every other one you've ever had. 

The follow supplies are all you need:
Elastic material, we got these packs from Michael's. 
This is what it looks like up close. They came in like 7 or 8 different colors, and I snagged all the ones I wanted to try!
Use a REALLY sharp scissor and a far away/distance lighter--don't use a close up one, you'll want the space between your fingers and the lighter (especially if you're wearing nail polish like I am always)!

You cut the elastic to a length you like, and then tie it. The length can be tough to decide since smaller ones will be tighter. If you have hair like me, it's insanely thick and I needed more stretch and extra "circles" to twist my hair through than most people! I found that about 7'' was pretty common. I just used the length from the tip of my middle finger to the end of my palm and used that measurement.

Twist and tie until you get the shape and length tails you want! Once you have those, burn the ends to seal the elastic. (Mom, I know you're going to cringe since we were dealing with fire...) You don't have to put it in the flame, but just close enough. The elastic CAN catch fire, but it never needs to be that close.

You can tie it this way, with the tails together by making a simple knot and it will look like this in your hair:

You can also tie it in a knot like you'd tie rope, with the tails apart:

It will look more like a bow in your hair:


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