Great Long Hair Tips

Here is an excellent video with useful tips on growing out your hair and keeping it healthy.

Her top 10 tips are as follows;

1. Use a Sulfate Free shampoo. Preferably one that doesn't need a conditioner afterwards.
2. Only Shampoo 2X a week
3. When hair is looking dull use Apple Cider Vinegar to change hair's PH level.
4. Use Olive oil to coat hair ends, wrap with plastic wrap or a plastic bag and blow dry on a low setting.
5. Rarely flat iron your hair.  Use a large ceramic round brush during your blow out 1-2x per week.
6. While hair is wet do not brush out.  Wait until hair is 85% dry before brushing.  Coat hair with Moroccan oil before you start drying.
7. Don't buy gimmicky hair growth pills.  Biotin does make hair stronger but doesn't make hair grow faster.
8. Eat foods with lots of Omega-3 fatty acids or take a Cod Liver pill supplement.
9. Eat more fish and less land animals.
10. Reduce the number of times you cut, color or bleach your hair.  This weakens the hair and causes more hair loss and lack of growth.


To see more go to her YouTube site.


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