Eyeliner Tip

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Eyeliner has always been hit or miss for me and now I know why.

I've been doing it all wrong.

I learned that you're actually not supposed to draw your liner all the way across your lashline in one motion. "You'll get bumps in your line with your brush catching on loose skin," says Prior. Instead, you're supposed to go from the inner corner to the center of your lid, then reload the brush (if you're using one) and start from the outside corner until you meet the existing liner.

And as for my wonky winged tips? Prior gave me a smart tip to make sure a wing is always in the right place. "Napoleon Perdis always starts with eyeliner on the lower lashline, because it goes up at the outer corner, which gives you the angle that you should follow on your top lashline," says Prior. "Usually when you do your top liner first you end up in no-man's-land, because you don't know how far to take the line or how curved it should be."


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