DIY Vintage Teacup Candles

I used 1 lb. microwaveable soy waxflakes from Michael’s (1 lb. will make 3 teacup candles), but you could use chunks of old candles or bar wax and melt it down in a double boiler. You will want to stabilize your wick by taping two sticks together with the wick passing in between (I used stretched out paper clips in lieu of sticks). For one teacup, toss 1/3 of the flakes from the 1 lb. package and a few crayon shavings for color – a little goes a long way- into a microwaveable container. Microwave on high until the flakes melt (directions said 30 seconds, but it was more like 3 minutes), then stir, so the melted crayon shavings add color to the wax. For a scented candle, add liquid scent to the melted wax. Pour into the teacup and let it solidify. As it solidifies, you will see the wax color lighten up quite a bit, which was a relief because the liquid wax resembled dark Kool-Aid when I poured it in the cup. After the candle has set, remove the “sticks”, cut the wick down, and enjoy being so glam!


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