Dark Hair, Blue Eyes, Fair Skin Tips

Makeup for Black Hair, Blue Eyes, and Fair Skin

Megan Fox with Black Hair and Blue Eyes
Megan Fox with Black Hair and Blue Eyes
Women with black hair, pale skin, and blue eyes are blessed with naturally beautiful features. And fortunately, a light cosmetic routine is all that is needed to really make this feature combination pop.
This hub will give you makeup tips for black hair, blue eyes, and fair skin.
We will focus on eyebrows, foundation and concealer, eye makeup, and blush and lip colors.
Katy Perry: Black-haired, blue-eyed woman
Katy Perry: Black-haired, blue-eyed woman
Liv Tyler: Woman with black hair and blue eyes
Liv Tyler: Woman with black hair and blue eyes
  • Keep your eyebrows neat and clean, and plucked or waxed into a flattering shape. Extra hairs that grow in around your eyebrows should be removed regularly as black hair is very apparent on white skin.
  • Eyebrows that are too thin can make you look overly made up, so be careful with the tweezers.
Foundation and Concealer
  • The biggest concern with fair skin is in making the tones all over your face even. To do this, take your concealer and place some under your eyes, in the creases around your nostrils, and on any small acne marks you have.
  • Place small dots of foundation on your skin and sweep upwards gently in a circular motion. This keeps your foundation from leaving stray and uneven marks on your face.
Eye Makeup
  • Always choose black mascarato match your hair color and make your lashes stand out.
  • Wear a very thin layer of black eyeliner around your eyes to give them a frame. Other eyeliner colors you can try are blue, green, and violet, but be careful not to overdo them, and make sure the colors suit the occasion.
  • Your best eyeshadow colors will be light pink, light blue, violet, and light green. Blue-eyed women can wear exotic colors that many other women cannot get away with. The area directly below your eyebrows, however, should always be made up in more conservative eyeshadow colors, such as light pink or a nude shade.
Blush Colors
  • Pink blushes in various light and dark shades are your best colors. Experiment with different levels of pink to see which one flatters you most. You might only be able to handle a very light shade since your skin is so fair.
Lip Colors
  • You can have fun with lipstick colors, more than most women. Try pinks, reds, corals, violets, and brown-tinged hues.
  • Be careful with red lipstick. It is usually flattering on women with your features, but will still usually only look appropriate in the evening or for special occasions.


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