Turn up the Volume

hot-roller wavesLOVE, LOVE her hairDream Hair.

Sometimes nothing looks more glam than big, healthy, voluminous hair.  Its one of those classic looks that never goes out of style.

 To achieve the look try the following steps:
1. After shampooing and a light conditioner, comb out hair with a wide tooth comb.  When you are going for the "big" hair look dont use a heavy conditioner that will weigh down the hair.  Next, apply volumizing products like Big Sexy Hair  mousse (shown here) to wet hair.
Sexy Hair Products
2. Take your time doing a good blow out, if it's done right it can last for days.  We suggest a high quality ionic blow dryer, the brands T3 and Chi both make good quality driers that will last for years.

3. To get the most volume, blow dry bent over till 80% dry.  While hair is still damp, divide and clip hair into 6-8 sections with strong clips like the ones shown here.  They work very good at keeping hair out of your face and don't slip out.  Starting with the nape of the neck, use a large round brush to blow dry each section.  Remember the larger the brush, the less curly it will be. It takes time to get the hang of a good blow out but with practice it gets easier.
Anti-Gravity BrushFeatherweight

What beautiful red hair..gorgeous                                                   

4. Once hair is dry, finish and set the look with Big Sexy Hair hairspray.  Stays all day, even in humid weather.


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