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We would like to argue that by far the best beaches in the Caribbean are on Anguilla.  Just take one walk on one of the 30 fabulous beaches with baby powder soft, dazzling white sand.  The water is an impossible turquoise and the sky a perfect cloudless blue. This is an island where jet-skis are banned, no commecial flights are allowed and no cruise ships can dock.
Not convinced?  Maybe we'll go for a crayfish lunch with the flamboyant Eudoxie "Gorgeous" Wallace on Scilly Cay, a beautiful island with walls built using hundreds of pink conch shells. At night, I'd suggest dinner at da'Vida, where we can sit on a wooden terrace nibbling coconut-crusted scallops to a back track of whooshing waves. Then we'll go dancing under the stars at a crazy beach bar called Elvis, where you buy your drinks from a boat as colourful as a parrot and the rum punches come laced with amaretto and nutmeg. Have a look around The Valley, too. Anguilla's sort-of-capital is a happy jumble of shops and galleries. We recommend renting a car for a day or two, even though you can drive the length of the island in 45 minutes. It's only 16 miles long and 3 miles wide.   After the beaches, the next best thing about Anguilla is its exceptional restaurant scene. There are almost a hundred and some of the best – such as Koal Keel in Old Valley – come with a serious wine cellar and  over the top menus offering grilled quail, tamarind shrimp and hot chocolate lava cake. It helps that many visitors are wealthy, even famous. This is one of those hideaway sunspots where celebrities go casual, and yes, that really is Penelope Cruz and Beyonce with Jay-Z, having a paparazzi-free salad at Smokey's beach bar. The sea is so entrancing you have no option, but to slip off your flip-flops and step into the warm waves, where the only thing to do is simply hang there, bobbing around in the happiness of it all. At such moments, it is not only the beach that seems beautiful, but life too.



Anguilla Tourist Board (020 7736 6030;


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