MAC Eye Shadow Favs

This is for all you MAC junkies out there! It gets crazy trying to organize all those eyeshadows in a practical way so you can utilize every shadow. 

Neutrals, Neutrals, Neutrals…

  • Try to have one full palette of just neutrals as this will be your “go to” palette.
  • Top row should be your highlight colors- ones that are close to your skin color. Have a variety of shimmer and non-shimmer shadows. Some of my favs: Brule, Naked Lunch, Shroom, Malt
  • Middle row should be your blending colors- ones that are 1-2 shades darker than your skin color that you can put in the crease. Some of my favs: Wedge, Cork, Omega
  • Bottom row should be your accent colors- ones that you can smudge along the lashline for that smoky look or put in the outer V for that added drama. Some of my favs: Espresso, Carbon, Concrete

Bring on the Color!

  • We all have our favorite eyeshadow colors that we wear regularly, but try to have a variety of colors to broaden your makeup looks. Here are the basic color categories I have: Blues, Greens, Purples, Pinks, Oranges (teals can go in either the blue or green palette, and yellows or golds can go with the orange)
  • Depending on how many eyeshadows you have, reserve a palette for each color or 2-3 colors per palette. I still keep the lightest colors in the top row, medium colors in the middle row, and the darkest in the bottom row.

Labeling Your Palettes:

  • To fit more eyeshadows in each palette, I popped out the plastic divider inside to allow for 21 eyeshadows instead of 15.
  • To see what colors I have in each palette, I used 3/4″ round labels (Avery #5408) and printed the names on them. If you need to move your shadows around, simply place another sticker on top.
  • If you have more than one palette, it is good to have them labeled on the outside so you know what palette to pick up. You can either use a silver sharpie and write on the palette (it wipes off with some rubbing alcohol), or print a label and stick it to the front.

Non-shimmer Neutrals:

My favorite colors in this palette:
  • Brule
  • Kid
  • Cork
  • Charcoal Brown

Shimmery Neutrals:

Neutral Shimmer
My favorite colors in this palette:
  • All that Glitters
  • Satin Taupe
  • Woodwinked


Grays and  Blacks
My favorite colors in this palette:
  • Knight
  • Carbon
  • Typographic
  • Copperplate


My favorite colors in this palette:
  • Contrast
  • Plumage
  • Deep Truth


My favorite colors in this palette:
  • Humid
  • Bitter
  • Steamy
  • Parrot (limited edition)
  • Sumptuous Olive


My favorite colors in this palette:
  • Indian Ink
  • Vibrant Grape (pro)
  • Nocturnelle
  • Fertile (limited edition)


My favorite colors in this palette:
  • Jest
  • Expensive Pink
  • Cranberry
  • Rose (pro)


Yellows and Oranges
My favorite colors in this palette:
  • Goldmine
  • Amberlights
  • Firespot (limited edition)
  • Rule

Warm Browns/Misc:

Warm Browns
My favorite colors in this palette:
  • Bottle Green
  • Femme Noir (limited)
  • Ochre Style (limited)


My favorite colors in this palette:
  • Velvet Moss
  • Fig 1
  • Passionate
  • Orange


  1. I LOVE this its helped me so much with how I arrange my MAC palette thank you so much x


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