It's the Details that Count

Decorating a home can be very intimidating when trying to decide on one theme.  We have the solution! If you keep the central focus of your home neutral (such as paint colors and furniture), you can change the look anytime you want.  Just like we add accessories to our outfits each day, you can do the same to your home.  Try selecting a statement piece that is unique and eyecatching. Not ready for something bold?  Then add colorful throw pillows, blankets, rugs, curtains, lamp shades or art work you like.  This technique is also very cost effective.  When you get tired of the look simply make a change to these "accesories" for your home.  Here are some examples of how good it can look.
zebrathere's just sumthin about that ottoman... love it!Elegant......Amazing.......Stunning......Gorgeous.........Fabulous.....I could go on and the clean white w/ pops of orangeHave to have it. 2-Drawer Zora Zebra Chest $1389.60Perfect


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