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FlairBerry: Ways To Get Victoria Secret Hair!

For flowy, wavy curls like Adriana Lima above, you'll need a 2 inch curling iron to achieve the look.

Things You'll Need:

*Heat Protectant

1 1/2 or 2  Inch Curling Iron

(depending on how loose you want your curls to be)

*Blow Dryer

*Hair Pins

*Round Brush

(optional: Anti Frizz product)

Step 1: Start with clean, wet hair.(I would recommend that you use John Frieda's Frizz Ease Serum.You put it in your hair when it's wet. It not only gets rid of frizz but it gives your hair amazing shine! ) Apply your heat protectant and begin to blow dry your hair using a round brush. (For added volume, you should blow dry your hair with your head down).

Step 2: Section off your hair anyway that you would like. Begin to curl your hair in 1 inch sections with your 1 or 1 1/2 inch curling iron, away from your face.  When you release the curl, take your finger, loosely wrap the bottom of the curl around it and begin to roll up until your hair begins to look like a barrel. When it begins to look like a barrel, take your finger out and just roll your hair up with your hand and pin it like a hair roller, away from your face (look at picture below). Do this with the rest of your hair. 

Step 3: Once your hair has cooled down, release it from the pins and start to finger comb your hair. After finger combing it to your liking, hairspray it.  Done!


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